Air conditioner repair prices what should it cost

The biggest concern that most homeowners have when it comes to and air conditioning repair is the price that they will pay, and rightfully so. One company to another company the price of an AC repair could be 50 even 100s more.

What are reasonable prices for AC repair

To help you decide if the price is reasonable, in this article we will discuss air conditioning repair prices. These AC repairs would apply to those who live in Las Vegas or Henderson. If you live in a different area you could expect yours to be close.
For the purposes of this article we will use a 3 ton gas packaged air conditioner as the example pricing. This is the most common air conditioner size that you will find. This size air conditioner typically can cool and heat effectively a 1200 square foot home.

Lets start off with the most expensive repair that you could get stuck with. A compressor for a 3 ton air conditioner should run between 1300 and 1700 dollars. In many cases if your air conditioner is less than 10 years old the part needed to make this air conditioning repair would be covered under warranty. However, you would need to purchase the refrigerant gas that would be inside of the compressor. For that reason about half of the cost to replace the compressor would be in labor and air conditioning refrigerant.

One of the second most expensive items that you could get handed would be a computer control board. Now a control board replacement could cost as little as two hundred and thirty dollars. However some air conditioners require a specific type of control board that could cost as much as $790. These control boards are the brains behind your system. They tell the unit whether you need heat or air conditioning. They take their cues from the thermostat control all the electronic and Motors in the unit.

The most common AC repair in Las Vegas that you will most likely make is and that you will need to replace a fan motor. Your air conditioner has two of them one of them is a blower fan motor that circulate the air through your home. The other motor is a fan motor for keeping the compressor cool anticipating the heat do the condenser coils. A blower fan motor typically runs between 450 and 590. If you have a variable speed blower motor add on another hundred to $150.  Condenser fan motors are a little less expensive coming in between 380 all the way up to four hundred and ninety dollars. In many cases a universal motor will fit several brands. For that reason universal motors seem to cost less money.

The one sure fire way to ensure that you are getting the right price air conditioning repair for Las Vegas area is too ask for a second opinion from a different a contractor. This is the best advice I can give to anyone who is looking at any repairs to the air conditioner in excess of $200.