Be a Writer

Club Darwin is looking to expand our close knit community of writers! Here at this website, we value our writers like members of our own family. When the time comes that they would want to spread their wings and explore the great big world, we support them with all our might and send them off with a smile.

This, of course, means that there are new openings to our writing and research team. We are aiming to add in individuals who:

  • Have an interest in the hobby of gambling
  • Have personal experiences with different forms of gambling
  • Have a passion for jotting down their thoughts into words
  • Can carry a conversational piece with little guidance or difficulty
  • Are able to do additional research when necessary
  • Would be open to wholly constructive criticism
  • Are able to turn in only original content of varying lengths

You may notice that we do not require professional writing experience from our writers. We want our content to be as organic as possible. Of course, you can expect us to do editorials on submissions; however, we aim to keep an informal an air as possible.

Our goal is to provide gambling discussions that comes from gamblers for the sake of other gamblers. If you believe that you would be a great fit with Club Darwin, this is information that we would just love to receive. If you have any queries or concerns about joining our writing team, get in touch with us. We are highly open to entertaining your questions.