Royally Gifted

The royal wedding is quickly coming up. I know this not because I care, but because it has been EVERYWHERE. Television, Twitter, Facebook….everyone is talking about it. Now, I didn’t get an invitation to the royal wedding. Clearly, mine was lost in the mail.

But on the off chance that you are going to Buckingham Palace, I’ve put together a list of gifts for the royal couple. Just in case you were stumped. I wouldn’t want you to embarrass yourself.

  1. Digital Toaster Small appliances are a pretty traditional gift for weddings. Why not go fancy, and get the royal couple a digital toaster?
  2. Personalized Blankets How about something comfy cozy? I’m sure that this blanket, personalized with wedding info, will get a lot of use. I bet Palaces are chilly places.
  3. BBQ Gift Basket For all the grilling out that I’m sure the royal couple will be doing.
  4. Lingerie Because nothing says classy like showing up to the royal wedding with underwear for the bride!
  5. Custom Pop-Tarts I bet Kate and William would prefer the S’More flavored ones.
  6. Coffee Mugs With nicknames inscribed! Who couldn’t help but love matchymatchy coffee cups?
  7. Engraved Beverage Tub Again, totally going to rock those outdoor BBQs with this baby.
  8. Musical Hershey Kiss Because nothing says love quite like a candy-shaped music box!
  9. King and Queen of Hearts shorts Matching lounge wear for all that…lounging…that I’m sure they do…around the palace…right?
  10. Soul Mate Pillowcases Really, how could you go wrong with this?

Now you just need to swing by and pick up one of these amazing gifts before you head over to the palace this weekend!